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Storytelling with innovative geographic technologies

Learn how to create amazing digital maps and projects that tell stories which touch the heart of the audience!

In this course you’ll learn what the basic innovations in the modern geography are. But what’s more – you’ll practise how to use satellite data, beautiful visualizations and create web maps, without any programming. Just easy to use tools and data.

Step-by-step guides will lead you through the process of storytelling with maps and digital data. After finishing the course you’ll have 360° overview of the many topics related to innovations in geography. You will feel confident to search for data and know exactly how to visualize it properly. You will be familiar with the most popular free satellite data sources and be able to see changes, processes and events on images.

The course is designed for people who don’t have any experience in GIS and satellite data analysis and is especially customized for teachers and journalists.


The first edition of the course involved over 230 people!


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This course was developed and supported by FutureMap Foundation