We are Brilliant Geographers and we are dedicated to making the innovations in geography accessible to everyone.

You will find here courses, resources and helpful information about innovative geographic technologies.

We are keen to educate and consult both experts and beginners like students, teachers or journalists.


Who are we?

We are Pixel Company - Geographic Innovations Studio and we love maps, geospatial technologies and innovations.
Since May 2019 we have carried out projects and trainings on various topics related to the innovations, geospatial technologies and Earth Observation; have made some amazing maps and published two free books (in Bulgarian and English), dedicated to using geospatial technologies in the classroom.

In 2020 we have performed several live trainings with 50 participants, three free online courses with total number of 463 people involved.

Our free online course “Storytelling with innovative geographic technologies” had 235 participants in February/March 2020.

66% of the people we have trained said that our courses have “exceeded their expectations” and the other 34% - that the courses confirmed their expectations.